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What Is

Camdy Photos?

Camdy is an online photo sharing and storing platform that is dedicated to preserve one’s memories digitally. With the special designed privacy options, users are able to share and store large number of photos with people they want privately or publicly across different devices, anytime and anywhere.

How does

Camdy Work?

  • Upload as many photos as you want into multiple albums created by you
  • Set your album privacy to either public ( to share with anyone around you ), private ( to share with anyone you know only )
    or only me ( no one in this universe will be able to detect your album)
  • Sharing your albums is as simple as uploading them. Easily share them to multiple social platforms or within the app itself
  • Collaborate with others and upload to one single album instead of tagging around and sharing to multiple platforms
  • Download them anytime and anywhere in high quality and full resolution
  • Never worry about losing a single part of your memory ever again

Check out

Camdy’s Marketplace!

Personalize your photos into unique products as a gift at the Camdy Marketplace!

  • Choose a product
  • Upload a photo or a design
  • Order your gift!


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